Here’s how to get a text message notification for missed calls

Ryan Shank wrote this on on November 13, 2018 in Features

Let me start off with a pretty big statement – businesses are losing billions of dollars each year because of missed calls. Yes – billions… with a “b”.

Why is the number so high?

It starts with the fact that 62% of phone calls to small businesses are missed. This is an enormous number that not only severely limits your ability to ultimately turn the inbound phone call into a customer but it’s also a poor customer experience.

78% of customers buy from the first responder.

If you miss a call from a lead then they are most likely going to call a competitor. Even if you call them back within 5-10 minutes, it could be too late.

There’s definitely ways you can prevent missed calls like setting up an IVR or creating a custom call flow that has unanswered calls go to an answering service. For this example, I’m going to pretend that you don’t have that setup (which I would recommend doing).

Many business owners and marketers want to know in real-time, via a text message notification, when inbound calls are missed. These calls are the result of marketing campaigns working and you want to turn these inbound phone calls into happy paying customers.

Here’s 4 easy steps on how to setup text message notifications for missed calls in PhoneWagon.

Step 1: Using Zapier create a zap with PhoneWagon using the trigger “new phone call completed”

Once you create the zap, make sure you integrate with the correct PhoneWagon account credentials and choose the company that you are creating the text message notification for.


Step 2: Create a Filter For Missed Calls Only

This is where you’re the system to only send a text message for missed calls. The status that we use on the backend for missed calls is “no-answer”. Create a filter here for “Call Status”, (Text) Exactly matches, and then type “no-answer”.


Step 3: Setup SMS by Zapier

You will verify your phone number to authorize them to send you text messages for missed calls.


Step 4: Configure your text message template

This is where you can customize what information you receive in the text message. I like to show caller’s phone number, source, keyword, number they dialed, landing page, and whether they’re a first time caller or repeat caller.


And that’s it. You can save your zap and now you will receive a text message anytime you get a missed call. The good thing about this is that if you’re a marketer and the phone calls aren’t going to your phone, you can now get notified in real-time when there’s a missed call. This enabled you to either dial back ad spend or ensure that you put a solution in place to prevent missed calls. 

Here’s what you’ll see:


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