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50 numbers

$249 /mo

best value

  • White-labeling available.
  • Perfect for agencies.
  • No contracts or hidden fees.

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20 numbers

$99 /mo

was $130/mo

  • Limited time offer.
  • Great for small businesses.
  • No contracts or hidden fees.


5 numbers

$25 /mo

billed monthly

  • Simple setup.
  • Perfect for entreprenuers.
  • No contracts or hidden fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What features are included?

All plans include call tracking, call recording, call storage, integrations, client logins, call tagging, reporting/analytics, exporting of reports (pdf or csv), and more. You can click on the features link to learn more.

What makes PhoneWagon different?

We built PhoneWagon to be simple, beautiful and easy to use. Non-technical marketers have no problem getting started. Our product isn’t bloated with unneccesary features; which means a lower cost for you!

Can I use my current phone numbers?

Yes, you can use the number currently on your website or marketing materials. Porting in phone numbers is an easy process that usually takes about 3 - 5 days.

How can I track my marketing campaigns?

You will assign a unique phone number to each of your campaigns. Then you can login to your account and see what marketing campaigns are generating phone calls as leads and which ones are not.

What does "usage" mean?

Usage is the volume of phone calls that are flowing through our system. Usage includes local minutes, toll free minutes, call forwarding, and text messages. Call recording and call storage is not considered as usage.

Can I record phone calls?

Yes, you can choose to record phone calls. If you live in a state that has dual-party consent, meaning both parties must know the call is being recorded, you can play a greeting message to let the caller know the call is being recorded.

Can you do keyword level tracking?

Yes, with dynamic numbers you can track incoming phone calls from your website back to the keyword that was searched.

What are 'Dynamic Numbers'?

A Dynamic Number is placed on a website to track a caller back to the source and keyword that led them to the site. It does this by displaying a unique phone number to each concurrent visitor.

Can I create logins for my clients?

Yes, you can add users to your account with their own username and password. Each user can be assigned ‘roles’ that have varying permission levels.

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Will, President

"We were able to get our first number configured in about 30 seconds. They even have logins for my clients which is nice so I don't have to manually send them reports. I can't see us ever using anything else to track phone calls."

Design ME Marketing

John, Co-founder

"So easy to use, cost effective, great customer service....can't beat it! I love that my clients are now able to put some hard statistics on the success we are having for them...I love it and they love it. Phonewagon is great! I will recommend to everyone!”

Excel Builders

Matt, VP

"I tried using some other call tracking products but they were too confusing. We put a tracked phone number on our company vehicle and now we’re able to see everyone who calls us from seeing our van. It's been fantastic!"

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