Here’s How You Can Send Phone Calls To Slack

Ryan Shank wrote this on on November 11, 2018 in Features

Slack has quickly become an important part of day-to-day business operations for millions of people around the world. Slack has become the place where people are spending most of their business days and it’s important to integrate other services into Slack so that nothing slips through the cracks.

When PhoneWagon first announced how you can send text messages to Slack, we received a tremendous amount of feedback from people that were interested in communicating with their customers directly inside of Slack.

Today we’re incredibly excited to show you how you can send your inbound phone calls directly into Slack. You can view the source of the caller, including the ad group, campaign, and even keyword. You’ll also get relevant information like the phone number of the caller, the call recording, the name of the caller, and many more data points. This helps you and your team see the calls as they’re coming in, commenting on the calls, and ensuring the calls are turning into paying customers. Let me show you how it works in 4 easy steps.   


Step 1: Using Zapier create a zap with PhoneWagon using the trigger “New Phone Call Started”

When you’re creating the integration in Zapier, make sure you select PhoneWagon as the trigger and use “New Phone Call Started” as the trigger event. You can add additional criteria later like missed calls if you want.


Step 2: Select PhoneWagon Account and Company Name

This is where you integrate this with your PhoneWagon account. This is your master account.

If you have multiple companies under your master PhoneWagon account, you will select the company that you want to create the zap for.


Step 3: Select where you want to push your phone calls into Slack

You can have your calls get pushed into Slack to a direct message, group message, public channel, or private channel. This step is where you choose where you want your phone calls to be received in Slack.


Step 4: Choose the Slack channel and custom the message template

If you have selected that you want to push your phone calls into a Slack channel, choose the channel where you want to receive them. Once you have done that, you can customize what the message will say, including setting up a template that pulls in data points like Phone Number, Source, Campaign, Keyword, Landing Page, First Time Caller or Repeat Caller, and many more.


Step 5: Push a test call into Slack

Zapier will use test data to push a call into Slack to make sure the integration is working. You can see the message we received in our Slack Channel below based on the template we created in the previous step.


Step 6: Activate your zap and start Slacking!

Once you turn your zap on it will be live and working. You’ll now be able to receive phone calls in Slack, reducing the uncertainty about call volume, missed calls, and sales from phone calls.


Bringing It All Together

There’s so many possibilities of what you can do with PhoneWagon and Slack. Notifications, faster response time, reduced missed calls, streamlined reporting, and much more. I’d love to hear what you guys are doing with our integrations and how it’s helping you grow you business.


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