How To Add Multiple Users

Ryan Shank wrote this on on May 12, 2017 in Features

There are many use cases for why you would want to add additional logins to your account. One example is if your receptionist forgot to write down the service address of a new customer that called. You can give your receptionist a login so they can pull calls and listen to call recordings.

Another example is if you are generating leads for your client and you want them to have a login so they can see all the phone calls that they are getting from the campaigns that you are running for them.

Here is how you add additional users to your PhoneWagon account:


Step 1: Click on Edit Profile in upper right drop-down


Step 2: Click on “Users” and then “Add User”


Step 3: Input information for new user (name, email, password, role)


Step 4: Choose permission for new user

There are 3 different user roles in PhoneWagon. Here’s the difference between them:

Company Manager: This is the admin or owner for a particular company that you setup. They can view and edit everything including buying and configuring phone numbers, deleting phone numbers, viewing all calls, reports, etc.

Report Manager: Can view reports and call details – they cannot buy new numbers or change any settings

Call Manager: Can only view the phone call details – they cannot buy new numbers, change any settings, or view reports


You can add as many different users to your account as you wish!

Email us if you have any questions. Happy tracking!

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