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Do you track your web visitors and sources of traffic with Google Analytics? As you know, Google Analytics gives you insight into how your visitors find and interact with your website. Wouldn’t it be great if you could also view data for offline sources like customer calls, directly in your Google Analytics dashboard? PhoneWagon integrates with your existing Google Analytics account by sending your call data to a goal that you create in Google Analytics.

Let’s review the key features of the Google Analytics call tracking integration:

– Track customer calls in Google Analytics

– PhoneWagon’s integration enables you to track phone calls in Google Analytics alongside web and offline data

– View the marketing source of customer calls

– Know which ads, search keywords, social media platforms, and other sources are driving calls to your business

– See a customer’s web activity before and after calling you

– Understand what events (web page and video views, form downloads, online purchases, mobile app activity, etc.) a customer performed before and after calling you.

– Include call data in A/B testing

– Use phone call data in your web page A/B tests to help determine a winner

– See where in the country callers are calling you from

– View a color-coded map of where in the country callers are calling you from

Here’s How To Setup Google Analytics Integration


Step 1: Create a phone call goal in Google Analytics account

– Sign in to your Google Analytics account (
– Click “Admin” in bottom left corner

– Select the correct Account and Property where you want to create the goal. Then click Goals under “All Website Data”.

– Click “+ New Goal” to setup a new goal

– Under Goal Description, use “Phone Calls” for the name field and select “event” for the type. Press continue.

– Under Goal Details and Event Conditions, set Category Equals to PhoneCalls (the category has to be spelled exactly PhoneCalls or it won’t track the calls)

– Now you can view your Phone Calls goal alongside your other goals

Configuration in Google Analytics is complete!


Step 2: Configure Google Analytics in PhoneWagon

Now that you have setup your phone call goals in Google Analytics, you need to integrate your Google Analytics account to your PhoneWagon account.

– Click the drop-down menu in upper right corner and select Integrations

– Click Configure at the bottom of the Google Analytics icon

– Enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID and Tracking Domain (your website) and then click Activate Integration

Now the integration process is complete!  

Phone calls will start showing up on the created goal (PhoneCalls) in your Google Analytics account.

Step 3: View your calls in Google Analytics

Once your goal has started receiving calls, you can view your calls data in Google Analytics under Top Events.

– In the left menu, select Behavior. Then click Events, and choose Top Events.

– When you click Top Events, the results should look like this

– If you want to see more information about calls, click PhoneCalls under the Event Category column

– In the Event Action column, click on the call to view details on the caller


… and that’s it!

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