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Call Tracking with Real-Time Reporting Dashboard

Our real-time reporting dashboard gives you insight into exactly what’s happening with you and your clients ad spend. See the phone calls as they come in, listen to call recordings, and tag calls as good leads or bad leads.

Custom Call Analytics Dashboard

View all your phone calls and text messages in a customizable dashboard. Customize the view between first time callers, repeat callers, and so much more.

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Full Caller ID Data

See the phone number and name of the caller directly from your dashboard.

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Call Recording

Listen to calls directly inside your dashboard. Download a copy of the audio file or send around a custom URL with the audio directly in the browser.

Call Storage

All plans include unlimited call storage. We won’t delete your call recordings.

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Block Numbers

Block unwanted calls from calling again.

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Custom Tagging

Tag your calls to categorize them by outcome, result, next step, and more. Create custom tags that are unique for your business and then report on calls by tag.

Call Notes

Create individual notes that are tied to specific calls. Communicate with your team about the call, ask questions, and jot things down on the fly

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Our comprehensive feature set will help you win more customers and improve return on ad spend.