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Easy-to-use and easy-to-understand reporting



View your calls at a glance

Our beautiful and easy-to-use dashboard shows you which marketing campaigns are driving phone calls. You can view the phone calls in real-time, listen to the call recordings, and gain incredible insights that will help you manage your marketing spend more effectively.

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Advanced reporting that shows you what’s working

With our robust reporting section, you can analyze all of your phone calls, see which campaign are working, compare campaigns, and sort the data however you want. You are able to export the reports into PDF or CSV documents to show your clients or your team.

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Let The Data Talk

We are data driven. We hope you are too.

PhoneWagon will help you track your phone calls and then report on that data to optimize your marketing spend.

Data talks.

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Make call tracking your competitive advantage

Setup is quick and easy. Start gaining insight into your marketing campaigns now