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Powerful messaging to win more deals


Text Messaging

Offer customers the ability to text you and your staff

You can use your PhoneWagon tracked phone numbers to send and receive text messages with potential clients, prospects, leads and customers. In the messaging section of our dashboard you can create and send new messages, respond to incoming text messages, and allow your entire team to engage with contacts. This increases the number of conversations you’re having and increasing the probability of turning leads into paying customers.  

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Customer Experience

A business relationship that is built with text messages

Instantly respond to text messages through our mobile version or in the desktop dashboard. This delights the customer and creates a more intimate experience that will help you increase the number of leads that turn into paying customers.

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Bottom Line: Customers Want To Text

Give the people what they want!

As you know, the preferred communication method of consumers is messaging.

Set yourself apart by communicating with your customers through text messages.

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Make call tracking your competitive advantage

Setup is quick and easy. Start gaining insight into your marketing campaigns now