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Call Tracking

See which marketing campaigns are driving phone calls

Call Tracking

Why Call Tracking Is Important

Our call tracking software helps you see where your phone calls are coming from

Tracking phone calls helps you understand which marketing campaigns are working and which ones are not. You can see the quantity and quality of phone calls from each specific campaign and adjust your marketing spend accordingly. Turn off campaigns that are not generating phone calls and optimize campaigns that are working to generate even more phone calls with better messaging and ads.

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Setup Is Quick And Easy

You don’t need to be technical to setup our call tracking software. It’s easy.

Once you have selected your new local or toll-free phone numbers, configure them to track which marketing campaigns are driving phone calls. To do this, you simply forward these phone numbers to your main business phone number or multiple phone numbers to ensure someone answers the phone quickly. Then you select whether you want to enable call recording, play a greeting or whisper message, and save your selections.

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Call Tracking Software For Everyone

PhoneWagon was built from the ground up by people very familiar with generating phone calls and leads for local businesses.

We know what good software looks like and we built PhoneWagon to be the leader in call tracking software.

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Make call tracking your competitive advantage

Setup is quick and easy. Start gaining insight into your marketing campaigns now