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4 Lead Generation Secrets You Never Know Before

There has been a significant level of eCommerce development in recent times thanks to the increased use of the internet amongst mobile phone users. People have taken this cue and have decided to join the eCommerce train. There are lots of firms that already have a...

How to get missed calls text message notifications

Let me start off with a pretty big statement - businesses are losing billions of dollars each year because of missed calls. Yes - billions... with a “b”. Why is the number so high? It starts with the fact that 62% of phone calls to small businesses are missed. This is...

Increase Close Rates By Sending Leads Into Slack

Lead response time is one of the most important factors in determining your close rate. There are tons of data that supports the fact that responding to leads quickly will increase your close rate. This article from Vendasta on Lead Response Time has some pretty...