How Agencies Add Clients To PhoneWagon

Ryan Shank wrote this on on May 12, 2017 in Features

If you are an agency that manages marketing spend for clients, you already know the importance of tracking phone calls as leads generated. With our Google Analytics integration, you can push phone calls into your client’s Google Analytics account as events and track conversions based on phone calls alongside web forms. It really gives the full picture of what you’re doing for your clients.

Here’s How To Add Clients To Your PhoneWagon Account


Step 1: Click on Edit Profile in upper right drop-down


Step 2: Click on “Company” and then “Add Company”


Step 3: Enter company name and click save

Step 4: Select new company from drop-down on left side menu


Step 5: Add users (optional)

If you want to give your clients their own login, see this blog post on adding multiple users. It goes over how to add additional users with different permissions. The biggest thing to remember is to make sure you are under the correct company when you add the users. You select the company on the left side menu. Then you add the users.


Things to remember:

1. Everything you do in the account is tied to a company. Make sure you have selected the correct company for adding numbers, downloading reports, adding users, etc.

2. Only YOU, the admin on the account, will have access to billing information. You cannot give your clients a login that allows them to view, edit, or update billing information.

3. If your clients want to leave you and keep their numbers, we can port their numbers out. We don’t hold numbers hostage.

Happy tracking!!


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