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Ryan Shank wrote this on on August 2, 2017 in Features

I started PhoneWagon because I was personally frustrated by how difficult (and expensive) it was to set up call tracking. The existing platforms were difficult for me to navigate and took me way too long to figure out how to grab a new phone number and launch a campaign.

PhoneWagon is incredibly easy to use and you can setup a new client in less than 2 minutes.

This use case is specifically for agencies who want to use a dynamic phone number on a client’s website and track which campaigns are generating phone calls.

Here’s the 8 steps involved with setting up a new client:

Step 1: Add Client
Step 2: Select Client
Step 3: Setup Dynamic Number
Step 4: Add Code to Website
Step 5: Integrate with Google Analytics
Step 6: Add Event in Google Analytics
Step 7: Integrate with Google Adwords
Step 8: Setup Keyword-Level Tracking

Here is the workflow to setup a new client:

Step 1: Add Client

To add a client to your account, simply click on the top right drop-down “My Profile” and then navigate over to “Company” and click “Add Company

Enter the company name of your client

Step 2: Select Client 

After you have added the company in the Company section of My Profile, select the company from the drop-down menu on the left menu.

Step 3: Setup Dynamic Number

Now that you have selected the Company on the left side menu, setup the dynamic number by clicking on “Dynamic Numbers” in the top right drop-down menu.

The dynamic number has 4 main sections

– Name – whatever you want to call this campaign/number. I’d recommend just called it the website of the company (i.e. Shank Law Firm Website

– Forward Number – this is where you want the calls to forward to (i.e. the number that receives the calls)

– Tracking Source – we’d recommend swapping for all traffic. You can also only swap for traffic other than direct. Your call.

– Dynamic Number Insertion – choose area code for the numbers, use pool size of 4 (unless you get a TON of traffic), swap target is the number on the website that you want to swap (most likely the current phone number on website), and keep cookie duration at 90 days.

Step 4: Add code to website

After you create the dynamic number and click save, we will automatically generate some code for you to drop on your website. Simply copy this code and paste it into your website before the /body tag.

If you’re using wordpress, I would recommend installing the plugin “Custom Script Integration” by WPWOX. This plugin will allow you to add scripts to your website.

Once you have the plugin installed, simply paste the script into the section before </body> of all pages.

Step 5: Integrate with Google Analytics

Select Integrations on the left side menu and then click on Google Analytics.

Then enter your Google Analytics tracking ID and domain

Step 6: Add Event in Google Analytics

After you have integrated PhoneWagon with Google Analytics, open another tab and go into the Google Analytics account for the company you’re setting up in PhoneWagon.

Once you’re in Google Analytics, click on Admin –> Goals

Add a new goal by clicking “New Goal

Name your goal and select the “Type” as “Event“. I’d recommend naming it “Phone Calls”. Click continue.


For goal details, go to the category section and make sure you have “Equals to” selected. Next, add “PhoneCalls” in this exact spelling and capitalization – no space and capitalize the “P” and the “C”.

If you only want phone calls over a certain duration to show up as conversions, you can set “value greater than x”. If you only want phone calls over 30 seconds to show up as conversions you’d put “30” in this field. Click save.

That’s it for Google Analytics.

Step 7: Integrate with Google Adwords

Select Integrations on the left side menu and then click on Google Analytics.

After you authorize Google, you can now select the account that you want to use for this client. If you have an MCC Adwords account, all your subaccounts will appear here.

You can confirm the integration was successful by navigating over to Adwords in a new tab and looking at your conversion actions. Our integration creates a “PhoneCalls” conversion action.

Step 8: Setup Keyword-Level Tracking

If you want to track your phone calls from adwords down to the keyword-level (highly recommend), simply add a tracking template that will get added to all our URLs automatically.

Click on Settings –> Account Settings –> Tracking Template

Add this code under Tracking Template: {lpurl}?keyword={keyword}

Make sure Auto-Tagging is Yes


That’s it!

If you have any questions about this, shoot me an email – ryan at

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    Adwords Tracking Template = {lpurl}?keyword={keyword} so you don’t need to type it out.