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Track Marketing Spend

Our beautiful and easy-to-use dashboard shows you which marketing campaigns are worth investing money in.

  • Drive more phone calls
  • Insight into true cost per lead
  • Increase return on ad spend

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Win More Customers

PhoneWagon provides tools that help you close more paying customers by knowing which campaigns generate high quality leads.

  • Respond to leads in seconds
  • Eliminate missed calls
  • Insight to have better conversations

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Built for the best experience

Non Technical Marketers Can Understand It Too


Other services have hundreds of unnecessary features making the dashboard bloated and hard to use.


PhoneWagon took out unnecessary features and designed the platform from the ground up to be easy to use and intuitive.

Easy Setup

Get started in 30 seconds


Add a Number

Add a new local or toll-free number in seconds

Search Area Codes

Search any area code or toll-free number and select new number


Configure Number

Choose where you want to forward the calls to and whether you want to record them or not

our white glove implementation gets you set up lightning fast


Workflow Consultation

We’ll start with a kickoff call that lets us better understand how you’re currently doing things. Once we understand the types of campaigns that you’re running, we’ll be able to make recommendations based on best practices.


White Glove Setup

We provide 5-star, world-class support from people who understand performance based marketing. We want to be your partner, not just a vendor.


Premium Integration Support

We will help you with setting up integrations that will better serve you and your clients. From Google Ads and Slack to integrations with reporting platforms, we’re here to help.


Training Sessions

We will host training sessions for you and your team to help you better understand how to navigate PhoneWagon. We want you to become and expert. We also offer additional trainings for your team and your clients so no one is ever left out.


Our Customers Experience

Instant number setup

PhoneWagon provides an intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard that anyone can understand and navigate. With the click of a button, you are able to instantly search any area code and add a phone number. In less than 30 seconds you can add a phone number, configure the number, and begin using instantly.

International phone numbers

We offer international phone numbers in over 80 countries. Our simple dashboard allows you to search for a phone number by country and area code. In less than 30 seconds you can configure your international phone number and begin using it for your campaigns.

Local numbers

Local phone numbers are proven to convert higher than toll-free numbers for localized small business marketing campaigns. Whether you need a local phone number in a very specific town or simply a local area code, PhoneWagon allows you to add local phone numbers in less than 30 seconds.

Toll-free numbers

Toll-free phone numbers are great for national marketing campaigns. They can give your company the appearance of having a national presence and offer customers a way to call you toll-free. In our dashboard you can easily add toll-free phone numbers from a variety of options like 888, 866, and others. It takes less than 30 seconds to add a toll-free phone number and configure it.

Port your numbers in

Do you want to use your existing phone number or move the numbers you have with another call tracking provider to PhoneWagon? Easy. We can move your numbers into PhoneWagon through a process called “porting”. We take care of all the heavy lifting and will have your numbers in your PhoneWagon account in no time.

Call recording

Simply tracking phone calls is not enough. Listening to call recordings will help you coach your staff on optimizing what they say to convert more calls into paying customers. Call recordings are also a great way to go back and grab a piece of information that you may have forgot to write down during the call. PhoneWagon enables you to record calls or any of your phone numbers and optionally play a greeting message to let the other caller know the call is being recorded.

Whisper messages

Our whisper messages are a great way to give the agent or staff member that is answering the phone some insight into where the call is coming from. When they answer the call, you can play a message to them such as “this call is from your postcard campaign with the holiday discount offer”. Agents now have some context into the call and can tailor how they interact with the customer based on that information. It’s like a cheat code that helps you win.

Greeting messages

PhoneWagon allows you to play a greeting message to the caller at the beginning of the call. You can choose to record a custom greeting message through our easy-to-use greeting message creator tools or upload an existing message from an MP3 file. Greeting messages can introduce your business and give your customers a professional impression or you can simply let the caller know the call is being recorded.

Custom call-tagging

Tagging calls helps you categorize, organize, or classify the calls based on whatever criteria you are looking to track. We have pre-existing tags like “new lead”, “wrong number”, “existing customer”, etc. We also offer the ability to create custom tags with custom colors directly from our dashboard. You can then run a report to see how many calls (or how many first time callers) were generated in each tag.

Simultaneous ring

Lead generation is all about speed. The faster you respond, or answer the phone, the more leads you will convert into paying customers. We offer the ability to ring multiple phones at the same time. The first person to answer will connect to the caller. This helps reduce wait times for inbound calls, delivers a better customer experience, and generates more sales.

Unlimited user accounts

PhoneWagon allows you to add unlimited users to your account. We offer many different user roles with various permissions so that you can provide a login to everyone and they will only be able to access what they need to access.

Client accounts

PhoneWagon is designed to create multiple companies or locations in each account. This enables you to keep your data tied to the correct company or location just like you do in Google Ads. Marketing agencies can add all their clients and provide a login for each client that will only be able to access their own information.

Email summaries

Do you want to receive an email with all the data about your calls without having to login to your dashboard? PhoneWagon offers email summaries daily, weekly, or monthly. You can customize these emails and even have them come from your domain. This allows marketing agencies to keep their brand consistent when communicating with clients.

Email call alerts

Email call alerts or email notifications allow you to automatically send an email anytime there is a new call from any campaign or you can set it to only send for specific campaigns. You are able to customize these emails to send from your domain (i.e. “”) to maintain consistent branding when communicating with your clients.

Advanced reporting

Easily access robust reports based on your phone call data. See insightful data like which campaigns are driving calls that convert into paying customers or how many calls are from first time callers and greater than 90 seconds. Use this data to make smart decisions with ad spend and/or coach your clients on how they can do a better job converting the calls into paying customers.

Dynamic phone numbers

Dynamic phone numbers enable you to track phone call conversions in the same way you track web form conversions. We give you one line of code to add to the website or landing page and we do the rest. Phone calls are tracked to the visitors session and you get data on where the visitor came from, the ad they clicked on, the landing page they landed on, and so much more. Create a dynamic number in your dashboard in less than 30 seconds and begin tracking phone call conversions to get a complete picture of what’s happening with your marketing campaigns.

Visitor & Keyword-level tracking

We offer visitor and keyword-level tracking using our dynamic numbers. Since each visitor is shown a unique number, we know when that visitor calls the unique number shown to them and therefore we can attribute their phone call to their session. This gives us incredibly granular data like the keyword they searched for and the ad group they came from.

Google Analytics Integration

We offer direct integration for each company in your PhoneWagon account with Google Analytics. You can push all your phone calls into Google Analytics as events so you can see exactly what’s happening and how many conversions you’re driving, even from these offline events.

Google AdWords Integration

PhoneWagon integrates directly with Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords). With one click, you can integrate each company in your PhoneWagon account with your MCC Google Ads account, choose the sub-account, and instantly we create a new conversion action called PhoneCalls which will push a conversion to Google Ads for all calls from your dynamic number in that company.

Automated text replies

Create a text message reply for missed calls and other events. This helps you engage customers in their preferred method of communication, text messaging, and prevents them from calling a competitor if you don’t answer your phone.

Why PhoneWagon?

  • PhoneWagon provides robust voice and SMS tools to help marketers and their clients increase revenue.
  • PhoneWagon has been called the best call tracking software by verified customers on G2, Capterra, and other review sites due to it’s focus on simplicity, accuracy, and world-class customer support from actual humans that come from a digital marketing background.
  • PhoneWagon provides robust communication tools that help businesses turn inbound phone calls and text messages into paying customers and deliver exceptional customer service that turns customers into champions.
  • Marketing agencies are able to prove to their clients that they are driving them valuable inbound phone calls that convert into paying customers. Our white-labeled dashboard enables marketing agencies to keep a consistent brand as they give their clients a beautiful interface to see all their phone calls and text messages.
  • Phone calls convert into paying customers higher than any other type of lead. Historically, offline events like phone calls and text messages were not able to be tracked back to the marketing campaign or ad spend that generated them. This left marketers in the dark and unable to make smart decisions about whether a campaign was generating a positive return on investment.
  • Marketers were forced to measure the effectiveness of a campaign based simply on how many online conversions, or web forms, were generated. PhoneWagon is filling this gap by enabling marketers to track phone calls in the same way they track web forms, giving them visibility into all the conversions that the campaign generated, including highly valuable phone calls.
  • PhoneWagon is a beautiful, easy-to-use call tracking software that helps digital marketing agencies and their clients understand which marketing campaigns are effective. 93% of businesses rely on phone calls to convert leads into paying customers.
  • PhoneWagon helps businesses grow by understanding which marketing campaigns deliver the highest return on investment and delivering world-class customer service through our voice and text messaging communications tools.
  • PhoneWagon provides a complete picture of all the call tracking metrics including the outcome of the phone call. This helps marketing agencies invest more money in campaigns that generate paying customers and reduce spend in campaigns that either don’t generate phone calls or generate phone calls that do not convert into paying customers.
  • Our founders, angel investors, and even most of our customers have tried many of the other call tracking services. The conclusion was that they were all difficult to setup, difficult to navigate, and difficult to understand the results to make decisions.